PR Select | WHAT DO WE DO?
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First of all PR Select discusses the PR needs and expectations of the company, and helps them make the right PR decisions, and can even help mould their PR strategy.


From this, we produce a comprehensive PR Brief that is signed off by all decision makers. Then through its extensive network PR Select will begin the search for the right agency to meet the brief, working style and personality of the company.


After this thorough process of meeting and talking to multiple agencies (all in confidence), a short list of 3-4 agencies will be presented to the client, that are the best fit to respond to the brief.


PR Select will ensure each agency is comfortable with the brief and will field any questions they have. Then we will manage each agency’s submission through either presentation or written proposals. We will be on constant hand to guide your business making the final and right decision.


PR Select will then manage the transition of the appointment of the client and the kick off meeting.